Cochin Harbour Bridge

The old bridge, which is a landmark of Kochi is now preserved as a heritage monument. The bridge constructed from steel and timber was 486 meters long. Its construction was completed in 1938. It was built in such a way that the middle section was lifted up with a pulley and an iron rope so that the ships coming and going to the port would not be obstructed. A special spring technology has also been used for this. The middle span of the bridge is made of 16 spans and can be lifted using a pulley and an iron rope. Before raising the bridge, a warning was given on both sides of the bridge. Bristow convinced the sceptics of the reliability of the bridge by bringing elephants and made them walk over the bridge. The bridge was commissioned on 13 April 1943. As it resembles the style of bridges found in London, locals call it as the London bridge of Kochi.


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