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Certificate of Origin

We issue “Certificates of Origin”(Non-Preferential) to Members & Non-Members in respect of goods exported from India. These Certificates are accepted as authentic documents by the Embassies, Consulates and Trade Commissions all over the world. 

Legalization of Export Documents

We issue Weighment, Measurement and Quality Certificates and attest other Commercial Documents required for International Trade. 

Visa Recommendation Letters

We address letters of recommendations for the issuance of visa to members in connection with their visits to foreign countries for business promotion purposes and other related activities.

Daily Commodity Prices 

The Chamber provides on request daily market rates for principal commodities traded in Kochi.


The Chamber has introduced an “E-Circular Service” to disseminate accurate information regarding Government Notifications / Communication, forthcoming important events, trade enquires, etc, promptly and quickly to the concerned members through e-mail.