Space for promotion of Art, Culture and Events

The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), has a legacy of 126 years since its inception in 1897. ICCI started under the name ‘Cochin Native Merchants’ Association’, to stimulate commercial enterprise, and to protect, promote, and safeguard the interests, privileges, and rights of the Indian Business Community.

Organizations evolve in their outlook and ICCI being no exception, adopted Culture and Community in addition to Commerce as their core focus areas. Today our ethos lies with Commerce, Culture, and Community. This august and venerated body, part of the local folklore, while celebrating 125 years of continuous service, is now stepping forward to address Culture and Community with the formal opening of SPACE @ ICCI.

SPACE @ ICCI when expanded means: Space for promotion of Art, Culture and Events. We have dedicated 2,700 sq. ft of unhindered space for the promotion of artists, performers, artisans and designers. This is unique opportunity for emerging or established talents, promoting traditional cultural programs, traditional or new age artisans and imaginative designers. SPACE will become a confluence of diverse talent and that can only lead to further collaboration among themselves. Thus, forming a microcosm of our ethos.

SPACE will liaise with international and leading agencies to promote, Art Shows, Craft Exhibitions, Textile Fairs, Workshops, Seminars and special Film Screening.

ICCI intends to use part of the proceeds received at SPACE to further enhance our facilities at DISHA, our facility for differently abled children. It is currently funded from the CSR funds from various organizations and ICCI. Come 2025, we intend to enhance the training and skill development facilities at DISHA and that is a goal we intend to fulfil.

SPACE @ ICCI a symbiosis!