Thakur House

Thakur House, on Dutch Cemetery Road, is another building that reflects the glory of a bygone era. The Dutch built the Thakur House as a club and community centre for the Dutch East India Company. It was built on Gelderland bastion and was earlier known as Kunal or Hill Bungalow. The House, atop a cliff facing the sea, has been an important landmark of Fort Kochi for centuries. Made in the 1700s, the monument of Dutch architecture, has characteristic spacious rooms, wooden floors and bay windows.  It is a two-storeyed building, and the perfect symmetry of both floors is astonishing. The original building consisted of several halls and verandahs; however, alterations were made to the original structure by its various occupants. Glass lamps hang from the roof beam and crystal and earthen pottery adorn the shelves and tables. It is currently owned by Mr. Manish Sharma and family.


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