David Hall
When the Dutch conquered Fort Kochi, they razed Portuguese structures to the ground. Two-thirds of Cochin is believed to have been demolished. The Dutch East India Company is believed to have erected three houses sometime between the late 1670s and 1690s using some of the material from demolished churches, and David Hall is what remains of the three houses. What purpose the structure served is not known today, though historical hearsay suggests it could have been the residence of Van Rheede or a military hospice for Dutch soldiers. The structure was christened David Hall when it was bought by the Jewish Koder family, who lived there. Today, David Hall is a beautiful old Dutch bungalow that has been restored and has taken on a new life as a cultural centre with a gallery for contemporary art, with a focus on providing a platform for young artists. While there, you will be tempted to relax in the Café set in its courtyard, which exudes the requiem of a bygone era. Daivid Hall and the Café is managed by CGH Group of Hotels.


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