Fort Cochin Lighthouse

An oil lamp light started functioning at Fort Cochin in 1839. In 1902, a new light and reflecting mechanism was introduced. Modifications were made in 1914. In the 1920s, a new 10-Meter-tall tower was erected.

The tower has a height of 46 metres (151 ft) and is made of double layered concrete. The light beam has the range of 28 nautical miles (52 km; 32 mi).

In 1936, a 25-meter-tall steel tower was installed with a gaslight. In 1966, a mechanism called sun valve was introduced. Plans to construct a taller and brighter light and a radio beacon were drawn up. Since there was a paucity of land, the new light was transferred to Puthuvype in the Vypin Island and the radio beacon was shifted to Azhikode.


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